Turing Tumble
Turing Tumble
Turing Tumble
Turing Tumble
Turing Tumble
Turing Tumble
Turing Tumble
Turing Tumble
Turing Tumble
Turing Tumble
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Turing Tumble

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Turing Tumble est un tout nouveau jeu où les participants (âgés de 8 ans ou plus) doivent résoudre des énigmes en construisant des ordinateurs à billes. À l’aide de rampes, de croisements, de bits, d’intercepteurs, de roues dentées et de roues binaires, le joueur bâtit divers modèles d’ordinateurs à billes qui peuvent produire des séquences, réaliser des opérations logiques, compter, exécuter des additions, des soustractions, des multiplications, des divisions et bien plus encore !

À la découverte des ordinateurs !

Cet ensemble contient toutes les pièces de base du jeu Turing Tumble, soit tout le nécessaire pour construire des ordinateurs (aucune pile requise).

  • Tableau de jeu
  • Pieds de soutien
  • 30 rampes
  • 10 bits
  • 8 roues binaires
  • 6 croisements
  • 4 roues dentées
  • 3 intercepteurs
  • 1 déclencheur
  • Livre de jeu proposant une bande dessinée et 60 défis
  • 20 billes rouges
  • 20 billes bleues
  • 30 contrepoids

Dimension de la boîte :

  • L 48 cm x l 35 cm x H 10 cm

Poids du produit :

  • 3 kg

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  • Expédition standard disponible

Pour les commandes en dehors de l’UE, prenez en compte un délai de 1 à 2 semaines pour le traitement par les autorités douanières et la livraison.

Ensemble de fichiers et livret des défis PDF sous forme numérique

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Michael T.
United States United States
I recommend this product
Mechanical computer using ball - serial logic

Not the way computers actually work, but Absolutely good logic puzzles, and problem solving is what most of life is about. Components are well made and the device has this market completely to itself.

Turing Tumble EU Turing Tumble Review
Cody C.
United States United States
I recommend this product

I got this for our 6 yr old son who loves math and logic problems. We saved it until Easter, and now we are all obsessed. It’s great to let our son play and test solutions or to do a problem all together.

Turing Tumble EU Turing Tumble Review
Gillet J.
France France
I like it so muuuuch!!

So much fun! It's a great game of logic and creativity. The book, which is a comic with a cool story, allows you to discover lots of possibilities of assemblies. There are a lot of pieces to do whatever you want, so you can even invent new possibilities, endlessly. It makes you think, check if all works as expecte, if some arrangements are effective or not, can be improved. We never get tired of it. The sound of the marbles gives the impression that a machine is starting and coming to life.

Turing Tumble EU Turing Tumble Review
Julie T.
United States United States
Engaging and fun!

purchased for my 8 and 10 year old homeschooled sons. They were so excited to start and played with it constantly for a week. It still get a lot of traffic, and they like to make up their own patterns as well. My 8 year old loves marble runs so much, so this is amazing for him. I like watching them trouble shoot when it doesn't work the first try.

Turing Tumble EU Turing Tumble Review
Paul K.
United States United States
Best toy I've found for teaching kids about computers

I've tried a lot of different games that are intended to introduce kids to the principles of computing, and Turing Tumble is by far the best. It's the only one that actually "computes" on its own (without an actual computer being involved), and it's wonderful to see in action. The attention to detail in the design is amazing, and presenting the puzzles in the form of a manga story is brilliant. My daughters are hooked and I've had fun working through many of the puzzles myself.

Turing Tumble EU Turing Tumble Review
Joan C.
United States United States
Excellent Game

Bought this for my intelligent 7 year old nephew, I opened the box, read the instructions, assembled the board and solved the first puzzle using the example in the instructions. The puzzles ( if that’s what you want to call them) get more challenging as you move forward. I got to the next puzzle and was staring at it wondering what to do when my nephew walked in. I gave him the basic instructions and he started putting the pieces on the board without hesitating. I asked how he knew what he was doing and he says ( it will change directions here) and resumes. We pushed the lever and the correct pattern emerged. I had to contend with the fact that a 7 year old is smarter than me when it comes to this stuff. He went on to flip the pages and solve the ( puzzles) without thinking about it. What can I say? Some brains are just wired a certain way...

Turing Tumble EU Turing Tumble Review
Susan M.
United States United States
Best Toy Ever

My 8 and I0 year olds grandsons opened their birthday present, a Turing Tumble, during the week long freeze here in Texas. They loved each new challenge and worked together beautifully to solve the puzzles.

Turing Tumble EU Turing Tumble Review
Teresa F.
United States United States
Great for adults and kids!

I’m a 69 year old grandmother who bought Turing Tumble for myself! I’ve shared it with grandkids and they love it too - plus they solve the challenges faster than I can.

Turing Tumble EU Turing Tumble Review
Ellen E.
United States United States
My son hasn’t stopped playing with it!

I got this for my 10 year for his birthday and he’s completely enthralled. His engineer’s mind loves it!! On day 1 he got halfway through the book and then started making up his own challenges. It’s well made and the comic style challenges are fun. A second or third book would be a great idea. Only design suggestion for future is to make a small vertical lip at the bottom where the balls rest after they go through the maze. The balls fall off easily if it gets jostled accidentally.

Turing Tumble EU Turing Tumble Review
A Turing Tumble EU Customer
Meghan R.
United States United States
Perfect for Budding Coder!

My son loves numbers and has only recently started enjoying coding- this product was a perfect jump for him! He loves marble races and logic puzzles and this has kept him engaged for hours. It has been a nice bonding experience with his dad and he has made lots of connections to how this can be applied in real life. Our first item was lost in the mail over the holidays- Turing Tumble sent us another, quickly, with no questions asked. Highly recommend!

Turing Tumble EU Turing Tumble Review
Hope L.
United States United States
Great games

Purchased 5 games for the 3 grandchildren and 2 adult gamers in the family. The grandkids actually sent thankyou notes they loved them so much. The best gift ever!

Turing Tumble EU Turing Tumble Review
Tom F.
United States United States
I have bought four Turing Tumbles, so far

One for me and one for each of three families with kids. It is better than I expected and delivers what it promised. In the 1960s I worked for IBM teaching programming and systems analysis. We worked in machine code and binary arithmetic. I wanted to see if it recreated that experience. It does. I have worked my way through most of the challenges. Now at challenge 48, some have taken me hours to solve. I can’t wait to see if, as I expect, my grandchildren solve them faster than me. The balls are fiddly for adult fingers, and the elements don’t always work as they should. If there is ever a mark 2 version, I hope it will improve the methods for loading the hoppers and getting the balls out at the end, but these are quibbles. It works perfectly 99% of the time, and what it can do is amazing. It teaches binary arithmetic easily, logical operations and logical thinking, and above all it teaches you that a systems analysis approach to problem solving is quicker and more reliable than trial and error. When you’re really flying it teaches you that inspiration and imagination can contribute to problem solving too. One delighted customer.

Turing Tumble EU Turing Tumble Review
Jennifer E.
United States United States
It was a hit for my child and his grandpa!

My son opened a ton of gifts at Christmas and this is the only one that is still out and being used. Great quality and packaging. I have two suggestions for improvement. 1) create a locking mechanism so that when you are placing balls at the top you can stop a chain reaction from occurring if one accidentally drops. And 2) create a solution to remove the tiny balls when you are done. It’s hard to get a finger around each ball in the plastic board to remove them lto put them away. Maybe add a magnetic wand to gather the balls and add a quick STEM lesson about magnets?

Turing Tumble EU Turing Tumble Review
Barb A.
United States United States
Great product

We bought 2 of these for grandsons, ages 8 and 13, and one for a nephew, age 14. All of them are enjoying their gifts immensely.

Turing Tumble EU Turing Tumble Review
Susan R.
United States United States
Great for dad and daughter time

We bought the Turing Tumble for our 11 year old granddaughter for Christmas. Her dad is in the tech industry and he LOVED it! Once he saw how it worked, he sat with her for hours working on puzzles. Great dad-daughter time for both. Our granddaughter got stumped at one point, and both of them worked together on figuring out a way to make it work. TT is well built, but I would recommend two things: 1) put a clear barrier on the front of the marble loading area, so you can load the marbles from the top and they will stay put in the chute, and 2) put a clear barrier at the bottom, more like a bin, to catch them when they come out. That would be better than having to set up in the box top to keep marbles from bouncing all over the floor. These two improvements would make this easier to use and make parents less likely to skip this product because of the risk of marbles getting loose (the dog had a great time chasing errant marbles, but we had to get them first because he would try to eat them). A great product during current lockdowns and home schooling.

Turing Tumble EU Turing Tumble Review
Victoria K.
United States United States
Great challenge

I'm a 67 YO retired math and robotics teacher and I requested the parents of my 8 YO buddy neighbor get one so we could work on this remotely during Covid. It has been such a great challenge and fabulous educational shared experience across generations. An activity that doesn't require screens or batteries!

Turing Tumble EU Turing Tumble Review