Confezione da Cinque Turing Tumble
Confezione da Cinque Turing Tumble
Confezione da Cinque Turing Tumble
Confezione da Cinque Turing Tumble
Confezione da Cinque Turing Tumble

Confezione da Cinque Turing Tumble

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Il nostro pack da 5 giochi è perfetto per scuole, biblioteche, associazioni STEM, insegnamento a domicilio, makerspace, musei e molto altro ancora.

La confezione contiene:

  • 5 giochi Turing Tumble

Ogni kit include tutto ciò che serve per cominciare a costruire computer:

  • Tabellone del computer
  • Supporto del computer
  • 30 rampe
  • 10 bit
  • 8 bit con ingranaggio
  • 6 incroci
  • 4 ingranaggi
  • 3 intercettatori
  • 1 leva di avvio
  • Fumetto/manuale degli enigmi con 60 rompicapo
  • 20 biglie rosse
  • 20 biglie blu
  • 30 contrappesi


  • Pacco da 5 L 45 x P 35 x H 50 cm
  • Gioco singolo L 45 x P 35 x H 10 cm


  • Pacco da 5 15 kg
  • Gioco singolo 3 kg

Spese di spedizione calcolate al momento del pagamento. Per i paesi membri dell’UE i prezzi sono comprensivi di IVA. I paesi non appartenenti all’UE sono soggetti a tasse aggiuntive a seconda dell’importo dell’ordine.

  • Spedizione standard disponibile

Per gli ordini spediti al di fuori dell’UE è prevista un’attesa di 1-2 settimane per consegna e pratiche doganali.

Pacchetto virtuale e manuale degli enigmi in pdf consegnati in forma digitale

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Karen C.
United States United States
I recommend this product
Engaging STEM Activity

The students in Computer Science class really enjoyed the Turing Tumble. The students were active and engage and demonstrating team building skills and communication skills.

Turing Tumble EU Turing Tumble five-pack ReviewTuring Tumble EU Turing Tumble five-pack Review
Mark A.
New Zealand New Zealand
Best Technology buy!!

We purchased 5 boxes of Turing Tumble for use at our school, and gave one each to teachers to play with to start with. Teachers and kids have been absolutely enthralled so far and I am sure the children will be totally engaged and learning lots about logical thinking and problem solving. Ties in beautifully with our new Digital Technology curriculum.

China China
My son likes this toy very much.

我儿子非常喜欢这个玩具。如果能改进包装以减少运输损坏,我会再次购买,为亲戚和朋友。 My son likes this toy very much.If the packaging can be improved to reduce shipping damage, I will buy again for relatives and friends.

Heather L.
United States United States
For the joy of learning!

I was looking for a delightful challenging way to teach logic puzzles. Turing Tumble has proven to be the perfect challenge that my students are loving!

Patricia H.
United States United States
Gift for grandkids

My 6 year old granddaughter and 10 year old grandson thoroughly enjoy these. I purchased extra sets so they have been able to expand the experience. Pure joy!

Meredith L.
United States United States
My students love it!

My students love it and it's challenging for them. It's a great product and it really requires a lot of critical thinking.

Marian F.
United States United States

Students beg to use the Turing Tumbles every day! The activity is full of engaging and interesting problem solving.

Celine B.
Australia Australia
Challenging and fun for young and old

We are currently on challenge #30 and it was been a very interesting learning curve. My 8 year old and my 6 year old are so excited when it works. It keeps their minds occupied and off the screens and I find myself playing it when they are doing other things. It can be quite addictive. We all love it and highly recommend it. Well done :)

Jeanne W.
United States United States
Classroom Hit!

As an Enrichment teacher, I pull out small groups of students to my classroom for 30-60 minute challenges and lessons. Turing Tumble has become a favorite for the fifth graders that I see. If students come to my room for other projects and have extra time, they always ask to get out Turing Tumble to continue through the puzzles. I have them working in pairs and I love watching them trouble shoot together, moving their fingers through their set-ups to predict how the marbles will fall. These kids are learning lessons well beyond solving the puzzles. Oh, and the simplicity of the kit, meaning low technology/no batteries, is awesome!

Brenda D.
United States United States
Our student love Turing Tumble!

We have ordered several times because our students and teachers love this product!

Magali F.
France France

Excellent game. Very smart.

Dave M.
New Zealand New Zealand
Bailey Road School kids love Turing Tumble

Fantastic! Although the ball bearings can easily be lost because they are so small if they fall onto the ground. Real easy to purchase online with fast delivery as it had to come from Australia to New Zealand . Ended up placing another order.

Frédérique L.
Belgium Belgium
Wonderful game

A very interesting game that makes children think. The accompanying book is a great help that gradually leads the children to more and more difficult situations. We love it!

Marc H.
Canada Canada
Highly addictive and great fun!!!

I have bought a five pack and have given them for Christmas to my family... It’s a great game and it’s a wonderful idea ! The best way to learn to code... The adults in my family are completely addicted! :-)

A Turing Tumble EU Customer
Durham A.
United States United States
Our kids and teachers love them.

Great shopping and delivery experience.

Episcopal S.
United States United States
Love it!

I've just gotten started, but I'm already hooked and thinking of ways to incorporate the class set of Turing Tumbles into my lessons. Students struggle to understand the abstractness of computer chips, but with the Turing Tumble, they'll be able to see their logical reasoning in action. I've been giving students a one-on-one sneak peek, and they are excited to try them out.